old princely court and voivodal palace bucharest
In Bucharest on Franceză Street, nestled between the bustling cafes, inviting restaurants, and crumbling, yet still inhabited homes of the old city, lies the ruins of the former Wallachian Voivodal Palace. While the complex has been closed for renovations throughout much of the decade, I had the opportunity to visit its arched gateways and subterranean chambers a few years ago while they were still accessible to the public. The ruins of the Voivodal Palace and
Peutinger Map, all roads lead to Rome - map of Constantinople
I have a deep fascination and passion for cartography – historical cartography in particular. It is very enjoyable to pour over curiously drawn medieval maps – crude attempts to depict the shape of the world, and marvel at the symbols used to depict cartographic and natural phenomena. Roman cartography is poorly understood, as next to no examples survive from their once-flourishing works – and most of those are medieval copies of Roman originals. One such
issyk lake kurgan almaty day trip
Into the Mountains Compared to the steppes and deserts to the north, the southern provinces of Kazakhstan are walled off to the south by the towering peaks of the Tian Shan mountains, separating it from neighboring Kyrgyzstan. The majestic range is home to the tallest mountains that I have ever seen, with peaks towering well over 16,000 feet in places, snow-capped even in high summer. It is in these mountains that the elusive and endangered
tower of the winds aerides athens
Among the monuments and ruins of ancient Athens is a most curious structure. The Tower of the Winds not only served an aesthetic but also a scientific purpose. Housing sundials, a water clock, and a wind vane, the Aerides was for all intents and purposes – an ancient meteorological station and clock tower. Concerning the Tower, its Shape, and its Function Athens is primarily frequented by tourists due to its classical heritage. The acropolis is
old town and market in sighnaghi georgia
Under the shadow of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, nestled in the wine-growing region of Kakheti in eastern Georgia lies the city of Sighnaghi. Overlooking the Alazani valley, the motherland of Georgian wines, this charming picturesque city is famous for its dramatic scenery, cobblestone streets, and pastel homes, becoming a popular touristic attraction in the country. Located approximately 70 miles from Tbilisi, Sighnaghi makes for an interesting day trip from the capital. Sighnaghi became prominent during

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