Darius Roby - Exploring Sarmizegetusa
Entering the autumnal forests of the Oraștie Mountains, I feel that I am entering a spiritual realm. It is a early morning, deep within the chilly throws of October, and evidence of the year’s decline is paramount. The ground is covered in leaves, and the forests create a mosaic of reds, yellows, and browns. Looking up towards the surrounding peaks, I see them hidden in mists of fog, inviting the traveler to discover the secrets
Densuș Church - Biserica Densuș, Hunedoara Romania
Location and Original Purpose To the west of Hațeg lies the ruins of the former Roman capital of Dacia – Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, founded by the emperor as a monument to his conquest of the Dacian country, and a symbol of Rome’s commitment to pacify and develop the region. It is well known to historians and travelers. Approximately 10 miles north of Sarmizegetusa, in the village of Densuș, exists a most curious church. It is
Perched along the arid cliffs overlooking the meandering river Azat, the town is famous for the impressive Temple of Garni.
In the time before their kingdom’s conversion to Christianity, the Armenians were pagans, worshipping deities of fire, water, and the sun. Indeed, the exact roots of the original Armenian religion are a bit difficult to identify. At its base, there appears to have been an inherited Mesopotamian root – the worship of Khaldi, Teisheba, and Shivini being documented in the Urartian kingdom. There is also evidence that early Armenians revered the phenomena of nature, in
Singing Dunes of Altyn Emel - Kazakhstan Desert
In the Kazakh language, the place-name Zhetysu means “seven rivers.” The name is a bit of a misnomer however, as there are only five rivers that still flow through the arid region south of Lake Balkhash, their names being – Ayaguz, Lepsy, Aksy, Karatal, and Ili. In the past, there were two additional rivers, whose names are not known to me, but they have since been lost. During the time of the Russian empire, the
Georgian Spices from my trip to Sighnagi
During my travels in Georgia, I had the joy of partaking in dishes of the Georgian people. Of course, it is well known that Georgian restaurants are very popular in Kiev, Odessa, Yerevan, and other cities of the former Soviet Union, however saying that I understand Georgian cuisine after eating a shashlik is like saying that I know American cuisine after eating burgers with camembert cheese in an Angers restaurant. Therefore reader, let this be