Geography is Destiny

This site serves to be a description in both photography and prose of the various regions of the world – focusing on its people, their customs, cities, geographical features, and the ancient ruins that dot it.

The world is comprised of various provinces, each possessing its own unique features and traits that must be documented. As I travel, it is my desire to explore the connection between geography, culture, and history and its influence on civilization. Through documenting my travels, I hope to reveal to the reader fascinating places as I have seen them, and increase our understanding of the far reaches of the world.

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Latest Articles:

Hagia Eirene – The Tale of the Forgotten Church

Hagia Eirene, a fascinating example of Byzantine architecture whose advantageous position next to the great Hagia Sophia has almost rendered it forgotten to history.

Pivnița and Pensiunea la Teo – Recommended in Sighișoara

Near the main square of Sighișoara – one can find a warm abode for the night, at the Pivnița and Pensiunea la Teo.

Bergkirche, Sighișoara’s Church upon the Hill

Bergkirche - Church on the Hill Sighisoara

Fener – A Walk Through the Phanariot Past

phanar neighbourhood istanbul turkey

O sută de movile – Mysterious hills in a silent land

The curious hills found in western Moldova, the so-called o sută de movile, have inspired legends regarding their origin. However, geology has proven that fact can indeed be stranger than faction.

The Voivodal Palace and Old Princely Court of Bucharest – Romania

old princely court and voivodal palace bucharest

Column of Constantine – A short tale of cartographic representations – Turkey

Peutinger Map, all roads lead to Rome - map of Constantinople

Issyk Lake and Issyk Kurgan – Kazakhstan

issyk lake kurgan almaty day trip

Tower of the Winds or the Aerides – Athens

tower of the winds aerides athens

Sighnaghi – Jewel of the Kakheti Region

old town of sighnaghi - architecture

Sarmizegetusa Regia – Dacian Holy Land

Darius Roby - Exploring Sarmizegetusa

Densuș Church – The Oldest Church in Romania

Densuș Church - Biserica Densuș, Hunedoara Romania @dariusroby.com

Garni Temple – Hellenistic Temple in Armenia

Perched along the arid cliffs overlooking the meandering river Azat, the town is famous for the impressive Temple of Garni.

Singing Dunes of Altyn Emel

DariusRoby.com - Basshi, the entrance to the Altyn Emel National Park & the singing dunes.

Concerning Georgian Cuisine

Tabaca Chicken with Garlic Sauce, georgian cuisine