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This site serves to be a description in both photography and prose of the various regions of the world – focusing on its people, their customs, cities, geographical features, and the ancient ruins that dot it.

The world is comprised of various provinces, each possessing its own unique features and traits that must be documented. As I travel, it is my desire to explore the connection between geography, culture, and history and its influence on civilization. Through documenting my travels, I hope to reveal to the reader fascinating places as I have seen them, and increase our understanding of the far reaches of the world.

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Mithras roman temple london

London Mithraeum – A Temple to a Mysterious Roman Cult

During the time of the Romans, Londinium was the center of military power and cultural life in the British province. Nestled along the northern shore of the River Thames, roughly occupying approximately half of the current site of the City of London,
colonial williamsburg virginia

Williamsburg – A Stroll through Colonial America

Williamsburg, located in eastern Virginia, holds an important position in not only the collective conscious of Southerners but in the United States as a whole. The Jamestown colony, being doomed from the start due to its precarious position in the low-lying swampland
Hagia Eirene, a fascinating example of Byzantine architecture whose advantageous position next to the great Hagia Sophia has almost rendered it forgotten to history.

Hagia Eirene – The Tale of the Forgotten Church

It is very easy to miss the sixth century Roman church of Hagia Eirene. It is a rather small structure, completely eclipsed by its larger and more famous sister church – Hagia Sophia, of which countless stories have been told. Beyond that,
Near the main square of Sighișoara – one can find a warm abode for the night, at the Pivnița and Pensiunea la Teo.

Pivnița and Pensiunea la Teo – Recommended in Sighișoara

Sighișoara does not receive so many visitors during the winter, for obvious reasons. Under the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains, Southern Transylvania is amongst the coldest regions of Romania. During the dead time of the year, this actually becomes a boon for
Bergkirche - Church on the Hill Sighisoara

Bergkirche, Sighișoara’s Church upon the Hill

Along the Târnava Mare River valley, Sighișoara, known as Schäsbrich in the local Transylvanian Saxon dialect, is perhaps the best preserved medieval town in Transylvania. The town was originally settled by German-speaking settlers during the 12th century, who were invited to defend